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ESA takes first step to modify georeturn policies

ESA members have taken a step towards modifying policies that award contracts for programs based on

Satellites Like Starlink Could Pose New Threat to

Communications companies such as Starlink plan to launch tens of thousands of satellites into orbit

Scientists Uncover First Building Block in Super-E

A new study reveals that magnesium oxide, a key mineral in planet formation, might be the first to s

Our solar system could soon have a ninth planet -

There could be a ninth planet in our solar system that's lying in wait to be discovered - and no, it

Supermassive black hole roars to life before astro

Astronomers may be watching a supermassive black hole "waking up" from a long slumber for the first

Watch Rocket Lab launch its Electron vehicle for t

Liftoff of the 'No Time Toulouse' mission is scheduled for 2:13 p.m. ET today (June 20).

A Thermonuclear Space Explosion Could Create a New

Astronomers say that an imminent nova explosion from a binary star system should be visible to the n

The Asteroid That Will Get Closer To Earth Than An

An asteroid the size of Manhattan’s Empire State Building will safely pass on April 13, 2029, in a o

Rare Lunar Standstill Could Illuminate Stonehenge

The last major lunar standstill happened nearly 20 years ago and experts believe this year’s could r

High-temperature superconductivity: Exploring quad

A new study published in Physical Review Letters (PRL) explores the potential of quadratic electron-

Scientists reveal new species of horned dinosaur t

American scientists have unveiled a new species of horned dinosaur which at 11,000 lbs and 22 feet l

Astronauts stuck on ISS as Boeing races to underst

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft was set to mark its crowning achievement this month: Ferrying two NASA

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