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How Hongkongers can guard against ‘flesh-eating’ b

With the country recording nearly 1,000 cases of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome so far this year

Looking for the Fountain of Youth? Try the gym and

You're getting up there in years. Maybe you haven't thought about going to the gym and taking up wei

4 Supplements That Are Proven To Give You Tighter

Caring for your skin is more than just a beauty routine. It's a key investment in your overall well-

Chimpanzees ‘self-medicate’ with healing plants |

Wild chimpanzees eat plants that have pain-relieving and anti-bacterial properties to heal themselve

Two Israelis die from suspected cases of West Nile

Since there is no treatment for the disease, the only way to deal with it is to prevent mosquito bit

Intermittent fasting over two days can help people

Intermittent fasting can help people with Type 2 diabetes lose weight, lower blood pressure and impr

How much a single person needs to earn to live alo

To live alone in the United States' biggest cities by population, you'll need to earn roughly twice

Private jets are getting a 'home base' in New York

The board of the Port Authority approved plans for new corporate jet hangers at Stewart Internationa

Massive data breach exposes over 3 million America

A debt collection enterprise called Financial Business and Consumer Solutions (FBCS) has been impact

25-year-old pays $1,472/month for a live-work spac

At Culdesac in Tempe, Arizona, Jada Stratman was able to find a one-bedroom apartment and retail sp

Hundreds of coffee products recalled over concerns

The products have been recalled over concerns of botulism contamination, the Food and Drug Administr

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